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Brno Business park

Space for new plans?
In your new offices.


complex of modern buildings

33 930 m2

office and retail space


parking capacity


access to offices

Modern office complex BBP OFFICES consist of 4 buildings (A, B, C and D), which provide variable spaces for large areas or individual offices, and can be used on a single or multi-tenant basis. An additional advantage is sufficient parking spaces for tenants, visitors and the general public.

About complex BBP

Excellent accessibility

Ample parking spaces are secured under the buildings. In addtion to this, there is number of parking spaces for visitors as well as for the public. Top quality services based on a new infrastructure for BBP OFFICES are provided within the buildings including large number of telephone lines and optical cables, wireless connection and unlimited power supply. All buildings are designed as modern offices units that will provide for tenants all necessary technology and equipment.

Abou location

Utilities at BBP offices